With our SAP® certified solution for Payment Card Interface, which is PCI-DSS compliant, customers can enable their SAP® system for real time processing of Payment Cards Credit Cards.

This reduces Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) in their Accounts Receivables thus improving cash flow giving them excellent ROI on their investment in our solution. We integrate with more than 20 leading payment gateway processors around the world.

SAP CRM Solutions

Cards processing in their CRM sales portal (B2B and B2C) processes �can use our expertise when it comes to automate payments securely in real-time. We can help you connect many payment gateways of your choice to process your sales orders in your CRM systems - globally by connecting to global payment gateways whether you are processing in US or in Europe or in DownUnder in Australia.

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Tokenization - a PCI DSS Compliant Solution

We can help you with your payment card security needs to help and assess what's needed for your data to be PCI compliant. With our cutting edge solutions for maintaining card data in encrypted and tokenized form, our solutions will make sure card raw data never stores in the system, thus avoiding any security breaches.

We offer many variations of tokenization as recommended by PCI DSS council to offer many choices for our customers while still providing stable and robust solution unmatched in the payment industry.

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